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Where the story began…

It all began with a phone call. Chris and I had spoken many times over the years about our tough experiences as operation managers. To be honest, these chats were often more about venting frustrations than actual conversations, none the less and I believe sharing our experiences in different industries helped us form what was to come. At the time of this call Chris and I had cultivated very successful teams achieving above and beyond targets and we’d both achieved this many times over the years in different locations and different industries.

This particular call we were venting about why other managers in our companies thought they were having such a hard time running their businesses. We spoke for over two hours solutionising the world of talent matching and venting about all of its problems. During this conversation it hit us, why don’t we put our heads together and use our own experiences to help others create ‘World-class teams’ and at the same time let’s help those that are driven and motivated but are struggling to get noticed and help them become part of a ‘world-class team.’

With three decades of experience in operations and recruiting great teams within industries such as Healthcare, Catering, Retail, Warehouse & Logistics it was time to get out there into the world of recruitment and try to re-invent it. We found that most talent platforms out there are boring, ugly and when speaking to industry insiders had poor ethics driven by commission and poor support for their own teams.

The idea of The Opportunity Hub was born. The Ohub would be an innovative hiring platform for employers to find great candidates quickly and efficiently and for candidates no matter the industry, no matter your background, we will help you find the right opportunity for you and throw every tool we and our community can possibly think of at it to help you land a great opportunity!

Life at The OHub

We’re a very high energy team, we work hard and we love a tournament of some kind! We are a social bunch and every Monday have breakfast delivered in and enjoy each other’s company before the day starts catching up on each other’s ideas and experiences. Every Wednesday morning we do a team work out together before we start the graft to get through the “hump day.” We finish the end of the week with beers, fizz and a good catch up. Every Christmas we celebrate in style, as a big thank you for the teams’ incredible commitment.


Join the team

We’re always looking for amazing new talent to join our unique team. We embrace our differences and we value drive, personality and individuality.

If you have energy, tenacity and a passion to succeed we want to hear from you. In return, we’ll offer you excellent career progression, the opportunity to grow, learn and share a clear path to success. Start your journey with THE O HUB

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